Internet Advancement Default Unit

Is there a way to set a Default Unit for login on Internet Advancement? I feel like there was an option and I had it set up but it seems to have reverted and I can’t find the setting again. I am the Advancement Chair for both our Troop and our Pack. When I log in to Internet Advancement 99% I am doing stuff for the Troop. So it would be much easier for IA to log directly into the Troop page and simply switch views the 1% of the time I need to see the Pack as opposed to switching views the 99% of the time I need to see the Troop. Now every time I log in it opens the Pack for me even if I was viewing the Troop when I logged out.

There is no way to set a default unit - and hopefully it will not be needed in the future

I have been corrected - you can do this under Settings - I had just never seen it



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Thanks, by nesting it right under “Change username or password” I missed it.

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