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Accessing Internet Advancment 2.0 for Multiple Units


First off, our units are not using Scoutbook yet.

I am a Key 3 Delegate for both our Troop and Pack, and am the Advancement Chair for our Troop. When I go into Internet Advancement 2.0, it only shows information for our Pack.

Is there a way to switch between the Pack and Troop?

Thank you!

In the upper-right corner in Internet Advancement 2.0 (IA 2.0), do you see a BSA icon? When you click on it, you should see an option to switch between the pack and the troop.

Deanna - what Jen stated… she can type faster and better than I can :frowning:

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Nope - all I see is the Cub Scout Logo. When I click on that, it shows me information about my Pack.

I’m wondering – I just got setup with the Troop this morning, and even though I can access everything through, do I need to wait to get the correct access for IA 2.0?

If you just got setup with the troop this morning, then you might need to wait until tomorrow. There is a file that gets updated overnight.

Ah, makes sense.