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Internet Advancement Down Again?

Upload in internet advancement is grayed out again. Yes, I am using the correct profile that has me labeled as the Advancement Chair, need the button back please.

@SeanSmith2 What is your council?

Blackhawk Area Council

Is it not working again? Yesterday and today I have been trying to log in. All I have been getting is the login screen and then after that, all I see is the annoying spinning thing. Nothing other then that ever comes up. Just in case it matters I am a parent, ASM, and not a key 3 member, but I am the person that entered a camping trip before the trip and I am trying to enter the youth that attended the trip.

I am in IA on my phone so no issues for me

I am still getting the same exact problem. If I log in directly using Safari, I get a “Error Not found” message then when I attempt to go to the page I get the rotating symbol and it never does anything.

If I log in on my PC using Chrome, first I log into Scoutbook then click on the "Quick Entry->Activity Logs
" and I just get the rotating symbol and nothing else. If I try to log in via just the internet advancement link I just get the rotating symbol forever. I can use MSO, training, and Scoutbook itself with no problems.

@JamesSoltysiak - I have successfully logged into scoutbook.scouting.org on my win10 pc using Chrome, Edge, Firefox, SeaMonkey and Opera. So far so good on my end.

As of yesterday I was able to log in. Whatever the problem was seems to have solved itself.