Internet Advancement Page Down

I have been unable to access the Internet Advancement Page all day, regardless if it is on a PC or Mobile Web browser. Yesterday I could log in, but only on my phones web browser. On my PC the log in was greyed out. Then today the whole page is down. I am receiving an “Error Unauthorized” Box in red at the top. Then it will load with a Grey Page Displaying the BSA Logo and Large Error 503 at the top with a “Back to Camp” button at the bottom. However the button just creates another error code. Did I miss an announcement about this page being down for maintenance or has it just crashed?

Is there any information on this issue or is it an isolated problem?

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Thomas Lemrow Jr.

@ThomasLemrow_Jr - i just logged into without issue.

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Are you trying to log in at or If you are trying to log oin to are you using the Login button or the Den Leader Experience button?

Thanks for the reply. I was trying that web address, even a direct link from SB. All with no avail. I even tried rebooting my PC. However after I read your post, it dawned on me that I was only having this issue on my home network. So I rebooted my router, all my equipment and then I was able to login again! Thanks for the response.

I was able to gain access to SB, however for some reason, I could not login to regardless of how I attempted to access the site. I was able to resolve it as I indicated in my reply to Stephen_Hornak. Thanks for the response.

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