Internet advancement file upload processing not working

After i uploaded my advancment file from troopmaster to internet advancment the system should of processed the recorded within 1 hour. However, i just checked the status and it still showing processing. This was 2-3 days ago when i uploaded it. Can somone look into this and get it fixed.

this is a known issue

Do you know when they expect to get this corected? As i need to get my advancment records processed soon so i can order our advancments for our scouts.

No idea when it will be fixed we have been asking - either put them in manually with IA or log into Scoutbook to do it.

The developers have not given us any information about when this may be fixed. The workarounds are to manually enter the advancement via Internet Advancement or Scoutbook.

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We have been told this is fixed - BUT you need to cancel and re-upload

ok, thank you for the update.

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