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Internet Advancement Import - Already Awarded

I’m trying to import our pack’s awards from ScoutTrack, and I get a proper TXT file that does upload correctly. The issue I’m having is for the advancements that are already awarded (have an awarded date) they are getting imported into Scoutbook as not awarded yet. These show up on our shopping list, but we’ve already awarded them.

Is there something different I need to be doing to import our advancements that have already been awarded? I see a column in the TXT file for award date, and it is populated, but it seems to be ignored on import.

Thanks for your help!

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The TXT import to Internet Advancement does import the Awarded information.

You can log into Scoutbook using your my.scouting.org ID, click on My Dashboard -> Administration -> Reports and select the Needs Awarding report. From here you can mark all of your awards as awarded.

This will remove them from your purchase orders.

Going forward, once you place an award on a Purchase Order in Internet Advancement, it will not appear on another Purchase Order.


That report is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

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