Internet Advancement: import file button "greyed" out

I am trying to upload a TXT file from Troop Webhost to Internet Advancement. I’ve generated the file, logged in to IA, but the “import file” icon is grey and when I put my house on it, a red circle with line through it appears. I am the committee chair, and have been for years. I’ve used IA in the past with no issues. This is the first time I am attempting to import from TWH. Can anyone help me out, we are kind of on a time crunch and I really don’t want to have to enter everything individually. Thanks!

@RobertaBrewer Based on what I can see, you appear to be registered as a Committee Member for a pack and a troop. You might need to contact your local council if this is not correct.

Committee Member does not have the same level of permissions as Committee Chair.

yes a key 3 needs to make a unit advancement chair or a key 3 delegate

Adding on to Donovan’s post: They would need to log in at my.scouting and use the Organization Security Manager and add you in one of those functional roles (Unit Advancement Chair or Key 3 Delegate). Then you will need to wait until the next day, because an overnight process needs to run.

I am newly registered as a committee member for the Pack, but I am Committee Chair for our Troop (which I have been for years), and that’s what I am logged into. To double check that it didn’t get messed up in January with my other app, I did just check my name at the top and it says I am Committee Chairman. And I am logged into the Troop, not the Pack, I’ve also confirmed that. I also just logged into My.Scouting, and it also confirms I am still named as CC for our Troop. So, I should have access to import the file, but it’s still “greyed out”.

@RobertaBrewer that is not what we see - what BSA # do you see logged into

NVM. When looking at my profile in my.scouting, it does show me as committee member. They clearly messed up at my council, dealing with them now. Strangely, it still says I’m Committee Chair in Scoutbook and IA. So frustrating.

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