Internet Advancement Link in Scoutbook

Up until 5/21, when I logged into ScoutBook, there was a link on my dashboard to access Internet Advancement. However on 5/22, that link was no longer available. Then on 5/23 as I was looking at the dashboard, the link reappeared. Is the Internet Advancement link coming and going a known problem? Is my access being changed?

I am having this same issue. Internet Advancement link disappeared on ~5/21 and then, I was just in Scoutbook dashboard and saw the Internet Advancement link appear. How can I tell if my access was changed?

Internet Advancement permissions primarily come from my.scouting registered positions and functional roles.

When you log in at my.scouting and go to “My Profile”, what do you see in the “Registrations” section? What are your registered positions and functional roles?

I am a committee member and advancement chair

However, in my.scouting I am only listed as a committee member. In Scoutbook I am listed as both.

One of your Unit Key 3 (CC, CM/SM, COR) or a Key 3 Delegate can assign you the Advancement Chair functional role in the Position Manager at my.scouting, which would assign you access privileges as UAC in both Scoutbook and IA2.

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After they use the Position Manager to give you the functional role of Unit Advancement Chair (as Charley mentioned), you will probably need to wait for an overnight process to run before you have full access.

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Yes. The SM assigned the AC role to me in February and I had access to both Scoutbook and IA2. But the Internet Advancement link disappeared in Scoutbook for 2 days, as well as other troop report functions, and they came back at noon today. I’m not sure how this happened. So I was wondering if there have been others reporting this issue or if the Key 3 accidently changed my access.

I think it’s more likely changes at IA 2.0.

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