"No Internet Advancement Access"

Good evening. I am my unit’s advancement chair and have been for over a year now. I was updating Scoutbook and Internet Advancement earlier this evening, left for about an hour, and came back to a message that said “it looks like you don’t have the right Scouting role to access Internet Advancement. Only youth, parents, key 3, key 3 delegates and unit advancement chair roles have access to internet advancement”.

As a parent I have no access to my scout anymore and as the unit advancement chair I have no access. Can anyone help?

BSA ID# 12143230
Thank you for any assistance.

I have no help, I just came to say that I am experiencing the same and to follow the conversation for a solution. I tried to send a support ticket and got an email back that the mailbox is full and it couldn’t be delivered. I hope it gets up and running for you soon.

I’m getting the same message. My guess is it’s down for everyone.

It doesn’t appear so for me. What are you trying to do when you get the error? In what system?

@DeatriceWilliams You are getting this error in Scoutbook and Internet Advancement? What are you doing when you get the error?

Only getting in Internet Advancement. I am the Advancement Chair and was updating service hours and camping hours and entering in our Troop’s events in the events section in IA. I got the error message when trying to log in; I was not able to log in at all after having previous been logged in an hour or so earlier. I logged out to run a few errands and when I tried to log back in I received the error message.

@DeatriceWilliams @JustinPettit @ElizabethSimpson - you are not Unit Advancement chair - a Key 3 needs to give you that functional role in my.scouting.org

@DonovanMcNeil I am listed as a Unit Advancement Chair in Scoutbook. Is this designation different than in my.scouting?

That means very little - what shows in my.scouting.org for you is what matters for Advancements.scouting

Thank you. I will reach out to my units and have that corrected. Can you also speak as to why we don’t have access to Internet Advancement for our own children? It has been my understanding that a parent has at least view access. The error received also seems to indicate that we should at least be able to view our children’s advancement.

I am guessing the security matrix changed yesterday - I have asked

Did you find out if the security matrix changed? I am not able to get into IA at all, even as a parent.

Deatrice Williams
T96 Advancement Chair