Internet Advancement - Organization Not Found

Why am I getting these errors?

I will give you a cop out question. It is what I have been doing, though. I get some of these errors and I have been ignoring them.

Does it still work as intended, besides the errors?

@RussellStodieck Your registration looks very strange.

Please contact your local council for assistance.

@JenniferOlinger @Matt.Johnson

I have the same error message as Russell

Happens on phone and PCs (Tried a few) and Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Internet Explorer. and Scoutbook work fine. Going directly to IA or using the Scoutbook passthrough yield the same forever spinning wheel. NEVER actually links up to IA and is a work stoppage.

Reported this to My Council late in November and they have not been able to correct. Could someone at National look at this?

They can, but to have them do so, your local council will have to open a ticket.

@RodneyPayne I don’t see anything obvious.

You have a lot of functional roles in the same unit. I don’t know if it will make any difference, but something you could try is removing all of the functional roles except for Key 3 Delegate. The other functional roles are basically subsets of Key 3 Delegate.

I’ve had these permissions for years and this problem is new since November. I can have a Key 3 try, but I can’t believe this is it.

Screenshot 2022-12-31 at 4.14.25 PM
I just got a similar error adding a hike to Internet Advancement. I clicked Finish three times to try to ignore the error and then closed without finishing. Then I saw the event had been created three times, but with no individuals listed. I was able to remove two of the events and then edit the remaining one to add the participants, without issue. This is the first time I’ve seen this error.

I never even get that far. I get the error and then the spinning wheel of death. Nothing helps. Per @JenniferOlinger I had my Committee Chair remove everything but Key 3 Delegate. Just did it a moment ago so I’ll try in AM.

Removing those permissions did nothing. Same Error and then wheel spins forever. I tried this last night and got the same issue as I am today on a different PC entirely. As a matter of fact it was still trying to log on from last night.

I am attaching my local council people to this post. This needs to be figured out ASAP. It sounds like I am not the only one. PLEASE pass this along. I am at a work stoppage.

Rod Payne -

(Attachment 2023-01-03_12-38-58.mp4 is missing)

@RodneyPayne Are you able to log in at my.scouting, and then go to Internet Advancement via the following path?:

Menu → BSA Web Links → Internet Advancement 2.0

No. Nothing links to it.

All yield the same error and then a spinning wheel forever. At what point does this get passed along to the software vendor?

@RodneyPayne I have reported your issue to the developer.

@RodneyPayne resyncing your positions. They will go away in SB, … Try again in the morning.

@WilliamNelson - Made no difference coming into IA 2.0 from any direction. The error is “Organization not found, verify that the organizationGUID belongs to an existent organization” - My unit is there and we have posted recharter for 2023 already. Please make sure this gets to someone that knows what organizationGUID is and can look to see what is going on.

I sent you a private message about your issue. Click on your icon in the upper right and the envelope to view it.

@WilliamNelson @JenniferOlinger - Do we have a status of repair from developer? If need be, have them contact me directly.

@RodneyPayne Your issue has been escalated. That is all the information we have right now.

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