Error on all pages for Scoutmaster

I am the Scoutmaster for Troop 2005. When I login to Internet Advancement I get two error pop-ups. At the top of the screen is “! Error Not Found” the “! Error” are in Red. The second is off to the right middle of the screen “Due to an encountered error, please be sure to cancel any remaining pending files and re-upload them for processing.” The top error goes away rather quickly, but the error on the right just hangs out. Everything on the screen has no data. If I click on anything it just spins. I traditionally use a Mac with Firefox, I tried Safari and Chrome with the same results. So I jumped on a Windows machine with Firefox and Edge seeing the same results.


I am getting the same errors.

@SarahJohnson7 & @DavidPrall - the pending files black box is just an informational notice. That one can be ignored. I can say that I am in the IA roster for all three of my units and no issues noted. Everything loads as expected.

I got that at one point yesterday and then later it worked.

I get one today and it seems to work.

Same error. Been going on for a LONG time. To add to it, last night tried to enter a MB earned and it first said “We’re having server problems” and prompted me to save in Offline mode. Did so and got another of the red Error Not Found boxes. Signed in again this AM and it prompted me to save the offline entry. Got a red Error Not Found box and a Failed message from the sync.

I am having same issue. - shows a warning near “import file” - “due to an encountered error, please be sure to cancel any remaining pending files…” I have none. And when I try to update adventures, I am getting red error prompt with no real error details. Maybe site is having some issues!!

Just received the error about issues with server and moving to offline mode. The roster remains empty. A report was run by the prior Scoutmaster and I was able to access it just now, so that is a step in the correct direction. But still far from being able to confirm everyone’s merit badges and putting together a plan based on what they have asked to accomplish.

@DavidPrall It looks like you have 2 Scoutbook accounts, and one of them was created today. I will work on merging them.

If you are currently logged in, please log out.

I am the advancement coordinator for my Troop and I am getting the same error in Internet Advancement. Every time I hover over the “Import File” icon, I receive the error saying "Due to an encountered error, please be sure to cancel any remaining pending files and re-upload them for processing.” Cannot upload advancement report.

How do I resolve? Tried moving from Chrome to Edge, but no luck.

@DavidPrall I have merged your Scoutbook accounts. You might need to wait overnight for everything to sync up.

Other interesting thing about this problem is that it just started a couple days ago. Had no issues earlier this week. Wonder what changed in the application itself??

@JenniferOlinger thank you will try again tomorrow evening.

So, are you just seeing the black box warning, or are you actually getting a separate error message? The warning is a residual notice from some time ago that was put in place after a system error was preventing most upload files from processing. The warning was never removed.

@LelaBaty - that black box text is an information box. It is not an active error.

I am having same problem.
Same error in red at top of page, and black box with error message.
The system is no longer showing any of our previous reports or uploads.
What is going on with the system?

I am the Den 6 (AOL) Den Leader for Pack 33. I cannot update any of my Scouts’ advancements, either individually or bulk. Can you please fix this? Scoutbook is a tool for tracking advancement, when it works properly.


Internet Advancement ( requires certain positions to edit advancement (Assigning Someone Access to Internet Advancement (IA) - Scoutbook Knowledge Base)

Scoutbook, however, has the ability to record advancement both by scout or in bulk. However, a unit admin has to assign the cubs to the correct dens and the den leaders to those dens in order for the system to work.

There are several tutorials here for Scoutbook:

@BenjaminRobertson - just out of curiosity what is your registered position in ?

The black box seems to be causing a lot of confusion. Can the system do something else prior to upload to give this info? Maybe make it clear that “if you are having issues with an upload” or something along those lines.

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I know how to do bulk advancements and did it frequently in my old Pack. I should be designated as the Den admin, but there appears to be an issue with the process. Can you provide assistance.