Adult listed as Youth

I have an adult leader listed as a youth in both Internet Advancement and Scoutbook.

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@DavidMcWhinnie you need to talk to your council to fix this - this is 2nd or 3rd I have seen like this from your council this week

@DonovanMcNeil My Council told me there is nothing they can do and to reach out to Scoutbook support.

If it is council’s issue perhaps someone from National can reach out to train them.

They registered the adult as a UP or an over age Scout. That is their mistake

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If it was an online app, you need to work on instructing your COR what position to assign when they approve the application. Unit Participant is for an adult who has an extension to work on youth advancement.

I’m sorry, I thought this forum was for help and support of issues. Mistakes were made by whom and why is not currently relevant. Issues arise and volunteers are told this is their problem to solve. Give my key 3 the ability and the instructions to fix this and I would. Clearly my council is not able or do not know how to solve the issue, based on previous message board forums, the people who run this forum are able, but are now unwilling.

So since you want me to fix this, please provide me the complete instructions on how to do so and I will relay the details to my council. Since this is a scouting issue, perhaps we should follow what scouts do.

  1. Explain - please provide all steps required.
  2. Demonstrate - We are not in the same place, so perhaps you can include screen shots in your instructions.
  3. Guide - If I or my council still have issues, is there someone myself or council can call?
  4. Enable - Like I said before. give me the tools.

Lastly we should all be helpful. I am trying to help my unit and my council. Unfortunately the help forums have not been very helpful.

There are some things we can fix and some we can’t. The first step in fixing this is fixing their official registration. We cannot fix that, which is why you need to work with your council. They can fix that.

You are welcome to have your COR or a COR delegate try changing their position in position manager. I’m not sure whether that will work or not in this case.

In addressing the root cause, it is important to ensure this doesn’t happen again. That was my concern, as I was attempting to be helpful in that regard.