Internet Recharter Feedback for Developers

I just submitted my charter for approval to the COR tonight. I took some notes and thought I would provide some feedback.

  1. The actual report that the COR gets to sign should be given to the person that is using the software before they hit submit. I want to know who I am adding, who I am dropping, and the new. The old would be good too. This report was great, and I had already taken notes that something like it should have been presented as “this is what you are going to do”. Ok, good, just show me before I hit pay. You can put a big water mark on it that says “not submitted” in red or something but let me know what I am doing before I do it. This is also the “receipt” that one of the other users was asking for.
  2. Nowhere do I recall seeing WePay and Plaid as the companies being used for the eCheck. Somewhat of a surprise.

  1. The treasurer may not be the person doing the recharter unless they are a Key 3 designee. So, was it ok that I put my name and info in the bank info blank? Was it ok I put in the payment blank? I assume so?


  1. In the payment billing info, it won’t accept a phone number with dashes. That is pretty odd.

  2. The little tiny question mark by billing info seems like it would be a tool tip. It did not provide any info.

  3. The “location pin” by the address blank did nothing when I clicked it. Why is it there?

  4. I got an email that say “2022 Unit Charter Submission Complete”. But it isn’t. the COR still needs to sign. It says it went to the council, it hasn’t, it went to the COR. I logged back in and it confirmed it still isn’t signed. So, that email was clearly premature.

  5. I assume it is not true what the WePay / Plaid dialogue box says. If so, then it won’t complete my payment until I get the 2 small deposit amounts and log back into the WePay / Plaid account?

  6. So, one of the next boxes it says, “Payment Successful”. Is it? The previous box said I would have to wait 1-2 business days to complete the payment. Which is true?


  1. It says charter locked. I would assume what it really means is that “Charter awaiting COR signature”. Locked seems to imply something is wrong. I get it that it is locked and waiting for approval but seems odd to say “Locked”.

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I have passed this on. Thank you for the feedback.

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