Unit Submitted Recharter Without Selecting A Payment Option

I have a unit (Council 576, Pack 1985) that submitted its recharter without selecting a payment option. They meant to select “Pay at council”. Apparently IR allowed it to be submitted without selection.

It is showing up in Charter Renewal Status Report as “In progress”, Waiting on COR=No, and blank payment type.

It is showing up in Registrar Tools as Recharter Status=“INITIATED”, Paid=No, Payment Type blank, COR Signed=Yes.

Any ideas?

@FarrellGerbode not sure on that - send in a national ticket and I have also alerted Developers

@FarrellGerbode are you sure they submitted? In report what does it say for not submitted? In progress would make sense

Initiated I bet means a user has at least logged in

@DonovanMcNeil The COR received the signature email and signed the recharter. The Key 3 have received the Adobe Sign email saying here’s your signed agreement. So, Adobe Sign believe it was submitted.

CT Charter Renewal Status Report (for the Thunder Wolf district) shows Charter Status=“In Progress”. RT Unposted Charter Information shows Recharter Status=“INITIATED”.
RT CNCL 576 PACK 1985

OK it is reported but National has the day off

@FarrellGerbode developers need BSA# of one of the Key 3

The Committee Chair has been the contact on this problem: 100358535.

We have been stuck with this for a while now. We’d like to pay and print our charter agreement. Any ideas? Council has been notified. Thanks.

to get to that point you have had to have paid or said you were paying council - it is now waiting on council to process it

@MaryHarding - the Charter agreement is here:

As far as payment, the unit key 3 would have chosen that upon submission - which appears has happened ( the submission that is) and they should have received the confirmation email with that choice noted.

@FarrellGerbode here is what Developers wrote “When I checked this, it shows as not being submitted. It sounds like the payment failed and then went back to being initiated. They should be good to submit again”

So to submit again, we should be able to have access?

@MaryHarding - once submitted it is now in the pending group at council. There is no resubmit.

Ok. Thank you. It would be nice if we could review what was submitted since our submission was done by staff (who submitted a ticket) since the earlier issue prevented us having access (if that is the proper way to explain it).

@MaryHarding - the Key 3 should have received an email at each stage of the process. At least I know I did… three emails for each unit.

@DonovanMcNeil BTW, the JIRA ticket is HD-424075.

Nope. No emails maybe because a Delegate submitted for the unit and Council staff dealt with the issue from National?

@DonovanMcNeil Huh? The COR can sign a recharter that hasn’t been submitted?
(Or was this intended for Mary Harding?)

BTW, the unit has paid at council since this discussion started.

@FarrellGerbode that is what the Developers said on your case