Recharter stuck in Waiting Mode

I am a commissioner helping a unit with Recharter. They received the email “Unit Charter Submission Complete” but the recharter screen is stuck in “waiting”. The button “Generate Charter for Signature” is greyed out so he can’t click it. So he can’t move forward. I had him log out and log back in and the screen said the same thing. He did upload 5 youth application photos to his recharter. Suggestions on what to do. He is using Microsoft Edge browser.
Also, in this Pack’s recharter his COR is the CC as well and it is showing that he needs to pay for the individual twice. There wasn’t an option to not pay for one of the positions. What are we missing? Before the “Waiting” we were going to let our council - Patriots’ Path handle.
Any help is appreciated.

@JudithJoshua What is the pack number?

Pioneer District - Pack 99 Our Lady of Peace Roman Catholic Church

Did they change COR / CC as part of Recharter?

No. Every adult stayed in the same position as current year. The roster was validated. The only 2 changes he made was deleting one scout and adding 5 scouts and uploading their applications. We did try to see if there was a way to not pay for one of the positions (CC or COR) since it is held by the same person but there was no option. I helped through a phone call so I couldn’t see his screen.

They should have been able to mark the Committee Chair position as a multiple.

He might have gone into the COR member and there was no option to add as Multiple from their unit. The only Multiple option they gave him was from the other Pack 99 in Patriots’ Path. He said their Pack 99 did not show up in the drop down menu - but again I wasn’t seeing his screen.

@JudithJoshua - that is a good number of might haves… i know the mark as multiple worked for me as our cor is also a mc in the pack and pays registration on the troop side. This may well need to be looked at by council

@JudithJoshua Can you ask the COR / CC what he sees today?

Does he see this?

Or does he see that the COR signature is still needed?

I sent a message to the processor. But, I do know that the CC/COR did get a message to sign and he did . The processor, the CM, never got the message that it was signed off.

@JudithJoshua It looks like the unit chose “manual pay”, so it’s possible that the council Registrar might be able to fix the issue with the multiple being charged twice.

Thanks for the help.

I have the same issue. it only affects one of my units (I’m the COR)
Two of my units went straight to sending me the signature email, but for crew 372 it did not.
The only difference I can see is the crew added a new youth via paper submission which I took a picture of and submitted electronically through the recharter system.

Colonial Virginia Council 595
Monitor Merrimac District 08
Crew 372

My other units are Troop 43 and Pack 143, but they finished, and I am able to pay for them.

all are set as manual pay at council.


@WilliamRichards1 talking to council is the way to go

I am also council IT… we dont know the answr either,

@WilliamRichards1 that is what a Membercare ticket is for then


@WilliamRichards1 I have heard of issues when recharters for multiple units in the same CO were submitted on the same day. Does that happen to be the case?

@WilliamRichards1 What is odd is that the status for your crew appears to be “Renewal Not Started”.

You could wait until Monday to see if things change, but you might need to ask the Registrar to reset the charter.

I had it reset. I needed to get the recharter done and no time waiting for an answer.

It did work the second time around However.