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Internet Recharter Question - YPT

Inquiring minds want to know…

I was reviewing the latest Internet Recharter Help document and came across the spot where YPT expiration can be manually updated.

Here’s my question. If a leader’s YPT expiration is updated through this tool in Internet Recharter, does this update write back to Training Manager in My.Scouting/the Scouter’s record in ScoutNET? Just curious if this functions like updating an expiration date manually through the MYST Training Manager. I’v always made our leaders have YPT updated before starting the recharter process and thus haven’t had an opportunity to see the tool in live action.

Intuitively the answer should be ‘yes.’ But let me double check.

Hi Brooks;

The technology answer may track your intuitive yes. The question I have is what should the business rule be? Should unit leaders be able to update youth protection training, or is this something that should be only done at a different level? Whatever the business rule is, the technology should follow.

Thanks for listening,


Well they already can in training manager. I worry that this makes it too easy.


Simple answer: Yes, all will be good.

The detailed response from the IDG Internet Rechartering Program Manager:

If the YP information is entered during Internet Rechartering, at Submittal the person record will be updated with the YP completion. The data will sync through although this is not immediate.

Councils validate based on the physical receipt of the certificate from Training Manage. And the Council may also check on the entry.

Not stated (but implicit) is that some Councils must authorize alternative YP training methods in the instances where the online certification cannot be obtained. This is unusual but does occur.

Following is from the FAQ for Internet Rechartering.

What is the process for resolving an error with Youth Protection Training?

Youth Protection is required to be current for each adult leader as of the effective date of the new charter term. If YP is not current, then at Check Roster an error will occur that must be resolved. Update Unit Roster is used to find if an existing registrant has recently completed training. Errors are also resolved if the adult provided their YP completion certificate, Enter the course and date completed on the person record at Update Member Data. Keep a copy of the certificate to turn in to the Council with the unit renewal. If an adult is new, YP completion is entered as the record is created. If an adult was promoted without YP, enter the completion. Each volunteer adult leader is verified for YP being current on her or his record. To be considered as current, the Youth Protection Training Course (Y01) must have been completed on or AFTER February 1, 2018.

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