Position is not allowed to multiple

I’m working on our pack adults/leaders for the recharter and keep running into this error when I attempt to add adults who are taking on new positions:

  • Me (as Cubmaster) taking on COR
  • A Tiger Cub Adult taking on Committee Chair
  • A Lion Adult Partner taking on Den Leader

I tried removing these positions first from those who had them before. I also wondered if lack of YPT and CBC is the issue for the last two. I have YPT and CBC, and I’m pretty sure a COR can have a second position, but maybe I am wrong?

I think one big question is whether this error is flagging one person taking on two positions or a position being assigned to two people. It’s unclear.


The COR can only multiple as the CC or another committee position.


Adult partners are not registered leaders. They will need to complete an application, take YPT and sign the criminal background check authorization.


I tested this by making myself the COR and adding myself again as CC, and it does work. But now I’m unable to get back to a single entry for myself as Cubmaster. I removed my 2nd entry and my existing entry can’t be changed to anything except COR.

EDIT: I went back to recharter this morning and the UI suddenly allows this change back to Cubmaster.

I added our CC as a new member and attempted to add him again as COR, but I get the same “Position is not allowed to multiple” error. That should be allowed according to the replies here.

I believe a COR can be a Committee Member, but not chair - that breaks the BSA Key 3

In a pack and a troop the COR can be a committee chair or just committee member. Or obviously neither.

2019 Registration Guidebook: “ The CR may also serve in a multiple capacity as the committee chair (CC) or as a member of the committee (MC, NM, or PT) within that unit.”

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I wish this were true in general, but the BSA documents have permitted one person to be both CR and either MC or CC (at least in the past). Some chartering orgs, however, do require separate people wearing those two hats. Others specifically want the same person wearing both hats.

ETA: @Matt.Johnson beat me to the document reference. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s a council document online that says COR can be CC or CM: https://247scouting.com/web/BSA160/attachment/document_14698107090_1685.pdf

I wouldn’t be surprised if this app is coded so making a CC a COR throws an error but making a COR a CC is allowed (even though they’re equivalent).

@JeremySchultz - can you please try again?

No difference. The errors I get when I add him and make him COR:

  • (Add existing member): Position is not allowed to multiple
  • (New paper application): A BatchApplicationPerson record already exist for the given applicationImageUrl in the batch

He already has two entries on the recharter as CC and Tiger Cub Adult.

Current coding 2020

I am not sure if batching of applications by council registration staff is still used. Database structure and tool(s) used by council registration staff continues to be upgraded.

My comment

I would be careful in the use of the word “equivalent}”. COR and CC have different roles and responsibilities. If my memory is correct, it is recommended that the charter organization representative and unit committee chair not be the same person because it creates a conflict of interest.

Reference correction

The BSA® reference used by council staff is

There are no restrictions on the number of positions one person may hold as long as the individual serves in only one position per unit with the exception of the chartered organization representative (CR), who is the only individual that can be registered in more than one position within the same unit. The CR may also serve in a multiple capacity as the committee chair (CC) or as a member of the committee (MC, NM, or PT) within that unit

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