Can't assign positions to recent adult member in Recharter

We had a new Adult Leader submit an application to the Council in November, and they were added by the Council to Scoutbook. They are serving as an assistant den leader and committee member.

When trying to submit the recharter, this adult has the Assistant Den Leader position next to them, and I can’t assign Committee Member in Internet Recharter. I can assign Committee Member and Assistant Den Leader through Scoutbook, but it isn’t reflected in the Internet Recharter, even after I refresh the roster. I tried signing into the Position Manager in my.scouting, but it doesn’t seem like I’m able to make changes there. I’m the Cubmaster.

I’m not able to submit our recharter because we don’t have enough committee members without correctly reflecting the position of our new leader.

A person can’t be registered in two positions (except for the COR). So, you will need to fill the committee position with another person.

Thanks Matt. I thought the recharter was our opportunity to assign new positions to leaders. It works for other leaders–just not the “new” one.

You could change their positions, but they can’t have 2 and you still need to meet the mins.

Are they on your roster at If not, they are not actually registered.

Was this person manually added in Scoutbook instead of being registered first, which automatically loads then into Scoutbook?

Note these potential clues:

  • Pencil icon to edit the position is missing
  • $0.00 charge - even though they are not indicated as a Multiple registration. If they already paid for 2022, they will have a green “R” icon next to their name on the current in
  • No Scout Life yes/no slider

We submitted their application to the council in November, and they do appear in our Position Manager in We didn’t manually add them in Scoutbook.

The other person that shows up with a “New” badge next to their name, and no charge/Scouts Life Slider is their son. Both were transfers from another unit, but we expect to pay dues for them for 2022. I’m not sure why they show up this way in our Roster.

My question is how to change their position when there is no Edit button for that person in our Recharter.

Please provide your bsa member number, their bsa member number, and the unit you are rechartering so we can look into it.

Thanks for looking into it.

My BSA member number: 10095895

New Leader member number: 137493137
New Leader’s son’s member number: 137492610

Pack 275 in Mid Iowa Council.

I noticed that we are also unable to say that the leader’s son would like a Scout’s Life subscription as that toggle is missing. The son is also marked as “New.” They did include the Scouts Life subscription in their check to the pack for 2022. I’m not sure why the recharter is not letting us pay for them as they turned in applications earlier this year.

I contacted our council registrar yesterday and he confirmed that the new leader was correctly registered. He tried adding him a second time as a committee member. I’m not sure if that worked as now I’m getting a batch id error that I think other users are seeing today.

I’ve reported this to the developers

Thanks for reporting this issue to the developers.

At our Roundtable last night, another leader mentioned they were able to work around their issue by going to New Member → Add Existing Member and putting the same information in. I tried this for both the leader and his son who are both showing up as “New” despite being added by the council through the regular application process in early November.

Now I have the adult on my roster three times, but still no charge for them. I have the youth in the roster twice, but neither will let me choose Scouts Life which the family paid for, and neither shows up with a charge even though they are not members of multiple units.

However, this does pass validation now after adding the existing members again. I’m just not sure if this will undercharge for the leader and youth who aren’t counted correctly. Should I go ahead and submit it or wait to hear something back from the developers?

In the end, you can have the registar subscribe someone to Scout Life after recharter. Not a perfect solution, but it would work. I think I had then run a report a few years ago with who is getting it. We could pay council a prorated cost to add people.

It seems like the update helped a little. The extra copies of our youth and adult were removed so they are no longer marked as “New.” The copy that remained in both cases was marked as a multiple. I was able to remove the multiple marking from the adult, but when I tried to remove it from their son I got the following error.

I think we’re good now. The update today seems to have fixed the issue with adults and youth that filed recent paper applications.

After clearing all my browser data, and logging back in I was able to remove the Multiple marking from the youth too, and add their Scout’s Life subscription.


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