"New" disruption

Having an issue with multiple units. When a person is put into the charter it has a star with an exclamation point in it next to their name which labels them as “new”. For some reason the system is not registering this person in the system and will not let the recharter advance past validation. It tells them that the required position is not filled. This has happened now with both committee chair and executive officer.


If these are new leaders in the unit, they must complete an adult application either paper or electronic. You can’t just add them to the roster during recharter.

New to the position and not to the unit.

@JohnGeiser if already in Unit - go to there name row - to far right there is a pencil - that is where you can change position

So the person is already on the unit roster, and they are just changing the position by clicking on the pencil icon?

They are also the charter organization rep

system does not support 2 positions I do not think

Are they in multiple positions?

Charter org rep are supposed to be authorized multiple positions. Has been that way in the past at least.

And one of them is the executive officer position which shouldn’t matter for any other positions in the troop.

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We have asked the Internet Recharter developers to investigate.


A recent change has been rolled back. Please try again.

@edavignon No change for me.


I have passed your information on to IT for investigation.

@JohnGeiser no change in that you cannot log in still?

No, I will not validate because it says the executive officer position is empty when it is not. The person in the position has the “new” sign next to their name. It is the same way with another unit, but that unit is the committee chair position with the same “new” sign next to their name. Both individuals are COR’s in the unit, but that did is not stopping it.


Sorry, I thought I was responding to the thread about not being able to log in. There have not been any changes to IR to fix your multi-registration issue.

@JohnGeiser please send a screenshot of positions (clear or cut off names) - and the error (hover over error to get explanation) - please

@JohnGeiser I do not see the paperclip - have you uploaded the application? or is this a change in unit position?