Invalid request - "userId" must be larger than or equal to 1

Trying to add an event and I got that nonsense. What’s the deal?

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At what point do you get it?

Trying to save. I logged out and back in again and found 6 copies of the same event with only 3 participants. I managed to delete the extras and add back most of the participants, but it keeps giving me that same error, as well as a blank one that just says “system error.”

Now that we have all these delightful login options, can someone make the software work right?

Take a look at your roster in IA2 make sure none of the Scouts has any type of error message


Please provide more details on what you were doing when the error occurred. Is this in the Scoutbook calendar or Activity Logs? Did you make any changes in to change your login credentials?

I’d love to, but now it won’t even let me log in.

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I was trying to add an event for the activity logs. Now I can’t even get in because that Recaptcha just sits there with the swirling dots of doom over a grayed out login button.

I haven’t changed anything in I avoid it like the plague.

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