"invalid resource" Cub Scout History Report

I’m Committee Chair/pack admin. Trying to export Cub Scout History Report for a few dens. I get to the History report in IA, but when I click pdf portrait, pdf landscape, or CSV, a new tab opens and I’m told “invalid resource”. Occurs in Edge, Chrome, and Firefox.

Screen Shot 2023-03-06 at 9.55.24 AM

I think what is happening is that the scouts are being unselected. Click the pencil and select the scout to see if that solves it

All scouts in the entire pack are selected. I arrived here from a den page, so the page only lists scouts in a den. So the checklist when clicking the pencil does not match the list of scouts on the page though everyone on the page is also checked. could that be the problem?
If so, that mechanism ought to be modified. With a pack of 100, I’d have to uncheck 90 scouts to run a report for the 10 in a den on the screen I want to run a report for.

so you went SB > Den Page > Reports > History > to IA reports page?

@SteveFerguson and what pack?

Correct. Pack 2143. Atlanta area council.

posting a comment to keep this open.

I don’t know if this is the issue or not, but you have an old account in SB that I closed. Also you had a UC position that was pending in the pack that I ended. Try again.

I also sent you a private message, click on your icon in the upper right

Please try again and see if it is fixed now

I am still getting the same “invalid resource” message.

Should we now always recommend “Try Shift-Reload when in Internet Advancement to force the page to reload from the server.”

Programmers made another adjustment, please try again, if you are still having issues, try running it in a incognito mode window. Let me know.
You may have to select the Scouts to generate the report now, I see I have to do that with the ScoutsBSA report.

You can also try the suggestion of doing a hard browser reload: hold ctrl key down then click the reload button for your browser window.

I’m able to generate the reports now. One thing that’s a little weird/cumbersome - when IA first opens, there’s only a QR code on the screen, and when I try to generate a report nothing happens. This gets resolved by clicking the pencil and selecting scouts, but it’s not terribly clear for a first time user/not a good user interface.
Thank you!

Thanks, I will report it. At least the report is working now!

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