Invitation Manager 8/6/23

Invitation Manager currently will not load new or opened leads on desktop or mobile site across multiple browsers. It shows an error and keeps spinning.

@DanPare - already noted

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I’m having the same problem. Start typing a couple characters into the search bar. This should stop the spinning, but you may see nothing. Click on the filter and select all lead types and click show results. Remove anything you typed into the search. From a PC, this method magically stopped the spinning for me and allowed me to access the leads. I’m still seeing something popping up that says “system error” so it’s clearly broken, but I can at least access my leads.

I wonder if it is a related problem that I am unable to reassign leads back to a unit currently. (Specifically once I start the process no units are found for the dropdown box.)

Are you still having the issue? It was fixed yesterday.

No issues. It’s working again. Thanks.

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