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Invite by position or group

It would be nice to be able to add invitees to a calendar event by title (SPL, PL, etc) and/or by group (make a PLC group, then add that). As it is, we have to have a roster on one screen and the list of members on the other to ensure everyone who should be there is invited.

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Who gets invited to events is affected by the event type you select when creating the event.

  • Troop Meeting will auto-invite all Scouts and all adult leaders.
  • Court of Honor will auto-invite all Scouts, all adult leaders, and all parents.
  • PLC will invite only the SPL, ASPL, Patrol Leaders, Scribe, and any Troop Guides
  • Recruiting will auto-invite all Scouts, all adult leaders, and all parents.
  • Committee Meeting will auto-invite all adult leaders.
  • Campout wil auto-invite all Scouts.
  • Webelos-to-Scout Transition, Training, and Other won’t auto-invite anyone (I think… This might be related to the roles assigned to Scouts and adults in my Troop).
  • Patrol Events (if you’ve picked a Patrol calendar instead of the Troop calendar) auto-select the Scouts in that patrol.

In my experience, those cover 90% fo all events, but there are a couple other event types I’d like to have, and I’d really like the ability to define my own groups. I’d like to see a “OA Event” that auto-picked the OA members, and a “High Adventure Event” that auto-picked Scouts based on some defined criteria (maybe First Class or higher, or a “High Adventure” flag in the person’s profile).

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I have to admit that getting some configuration options for the various types of events would be very useful. For example, we generally invite all of the troop-level youth leaders to PLCs, as well as both the PL and APL from each patrol, so that the assistants get exposure to how things work. We’ve been working around the “pre-defined” invite list by using the Copy Event functionality in the Extension. Unfortunately, we don’t remember to do this every time, and it won’t catch when we transition leaders, at which point we have to create a new “template” event that we can copy.

I would favor the HA flag over a fixed criterion, since different units/charters might set different requirements to participate in unit high adventure events, and it’s unlikely that a single rule would successfully address every unit.

The OA event would be great. I currently manually invite all of our youth and adult Arrowmen to OA events on the general troop calendar, but it requires that I stay on top of changes pretty assiduously. For the prospective OA event type, it would be great if the invitee list could display the OA honor (Ordeal, Brotherhood, Vigil) for each arrowman. That way, we can easily screen for things like Brotherhood ceremonies, etc.

ETA: Slaying grammar dragons.

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