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Event Type is PLC - how are members set?

When setting up a new event on the calendar, I select PLC as the event type and a certain number of scouts are populated, however, it is not the compete list (some PL and APL are not listed, even though they are identified as such in ScoutBook). How can I edit who is being added to this list so that all of the PLC will get the event notice?

Click the invitees button and select the scouts you want.

The user will have to do that every time they create an event and since it has already identified 80% of who should be in the PLC, is there no way to get it to 100%?

Additionally what if you wanted to add a scout to the PLC that ScoutBook may not recognize as a PLC position?


Scoutbook does not have the capability to indicate who should be invited to every PLC meeting. The leadership positions invited are SPL, ASPL, PL, Troop Guides and Scribe. These are the members of the PLC as defined by the BSA. If you want to add additional Scouts to the PLC event, they must be added to each event manually.

You also need to invite at least 2 adults who can receive e-mail from Scoutbook to the PLC meeting for youth protection purposes.

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Got it, thanks for the help!

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