Invite to Scout from Scoutbook not working

Parent went to “Edit profile” of their son’s account and clicked invite to Scoutbook. He entered his son’s email. An email was sent to his son. However, that is where the positive work ends because it would not allow him to enter Scoutbook using the email and password sent to him. This all happened within a very short period of time (not days).

The only issue we think causing this is the email he used. It is tied to a Catholic school account, which is pretty restrictive to outside emails (although he could see the email with temporary password). They may have blocked any links. Regardless, this caused us to send the father back to invite him a second time using a gmail account or something similar. However, now Scoutbook will not allow the Father to send another invite.

We really need to the boy on Scoutbook as SeaBase seems to be requiring it for final registration of the boys for summer camp (which is another issue altogether because I didn’t think anyone but a parent could require it but that is for another day). We have worked through everyone but this boy. His Scout number is 128217272. His father’s is 128217273

I appreciate any assistance you can offer.


yes this is already being looked at - thanks

Sorry did someone else from my Troop send something? I don’t mind doubling people’s work, but when they double mine well that is not acceptable (read sarcasm). I am sorry if that occurred. I thought we had a clear plan.

Emails are either not going out for invites - or going out flawed - developers are looking at it


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