Trying to get my son into Scoutbook

I’m not sure whether or not my son has set up Scoutbook access in the past. Neither of us remember doing that, but looking through other forum posts from people unable to invite their children, the blank Edit Extended Information page, plus myscouting saying that he has a login already there, makes me think he probably does.

Using the forgot my password/username links, he was able to get into myscouting, but the username is his email address. When he tries to use those same credentials with Scoutbook he gets the “we don’t have an account associated with that gmail address.” That’s the same error that I get if I enter my email address instead of the SSO username, but if he has a different SSO username, we have no idea what it is.


@ChristyDryden what is the BSA#?

@ChristyDryden It looks like his username is a school e-mail address.

Please have him try logging in to Scoutbook again.

It didn’t work right away, but he could get in from the advancement.scouting address.
I had him try the main scoutbook page again today and it worked.
Did you change something on the back end for him?

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