Invited to events from previous troop

Hello! My son, husband, and I moved from one troop to another within our same district last fall, yet we all still continue to be included on existing and new calendar events in Scoutbook for the previous troop.

We are no longer connected in Scoutbook to the previous troop nor any of the individuals, so am not sure how to fix this. I’m sure it’s not desirable from their end for us to still have visibility to their agenda. :woman_shrugging:t3:

Can you help us, please? Thanks in advance!!

@BonniePhifer - the prior unit would need to update their events to remove you from them.

Check your son’s membership and yours and your husband’s positions for current memberships/positions in the old troop. Your should see the old troop in the past memberships/positions. If not, you have a duplicate account.

They have done this for some events, but when they add new ones, we are on them once again. They have confirmed there is no trace of us attached to the unit within Scoutbook.

My son has positions listed in the Past section (there is no membership section for adults). However, all of those definitely have former dates (the day before our transfer is the end date)…nothing current.

We’ve had the same membership id’s since he started as a Tiger…11 years ago. Also, no changes to emails since we started using Scoutbook.

There was a post here awhile back where someone was able to fix this, but they needed the membership id…I’ll see if I can find that post.

Are both you and your husband receiving the messages?

Note that a change was made a few months ago to automatically remove someone from calendar events if they are no longer a member of the unit.

Yes, we receive the notifications…I don’t want to turn them off though because then we don’t receive notifications for our current unit.

I can also see all of the former troop’s events from my dashboard.

You checked both your son’s membership and leadership positions?

We left the other troop in September…and we were not removed from the events. The only ones we’ve been removed from were done manually by their SM. Yet, as new ones are generated, we are again added.

Correct…anything from all 3 of our accounts regarding positions is listed under Past with an end date of when we transferred.

Ok, I’m check your accounts now

Do you need our membership #'s?

No, your name was unique enough.

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Both you and your husband had duplicate accounts, which I merged, but none of them seemed to be in Troop 377 still. Just in case, could you check if the events for 377 have been removed from your dashboard now?

Note, you will need to use the username that is not an email address. Some bsa systems don’t like email addresses. Your username has your husband’s name in it. If you need a better hint, I’ll send you a private message.

@BonniePhifer - would there be any of the old troop in the connections section for each of you ?

So sorry for the delay in getting back to you!! I’ve logged in with the username as you indicated (which was the only one I was aware existed anyhow), yet T377 events are still there.

None at all, not to any of the 3 of us.

@BonniePhifer In Scoutbook, please go to:

My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → My Connections

and click on the “Clean Old Connections” button.

After you do that, a Troop Admin from the former troop will probably need to go through their upcoming events and remove you again.

@BonniePhifer - and the same action for any other logins for your family

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Hi Jennifer, I repeated this step for all three of us, though we did this previously back when we switched troops. For various reasons, I’d actually made a very purposeful effort to ensure we were no longer linked in Scoutbook to the old troop or any of it’s members.

Additionally, members of the old troop have also previously made attempts to remove us at my request, but we’ll try once more. Will get back on this once that’s confirmed.