Deleting prior packs/troops?

I have two boys. One in Cub Scous and one in Boy Scouts. We recently moved and my kids have transferred. But I’m still getting tons of emails from the old units. I don’t see a way to remove them from my profile? And I don’t want to “opt out” of messages because I want to see those sent by our new troop. Help!

Go to their pages in scoutbook, click on their memberships. Click the membership in the prior unit and add an end date.

If you or your scouts are still invitees to calendar events with the old unit, you will continue to receive reminders until you are no longer an invitee.

@DougWright if the membership ends in SB they are no longer invitees

Donovan, is this a recent change?

In the past, when your membership ended, you could no longer be added to an event as an invitee. However, if you were already an invitee to an event, you stayed an invitee unless and until someone edits the event.

This was true even for past events. I lost some attendance data by editing past events after AoL’s bridged out.

It is rather old - would have to dig through change logs to age it

This has come and gone a couple of times. Most recently, when we had the issues with getting blacklisted by the spam filters it was re-implemented.

@DonovanMcNeil @jacobfetzer Thank you for the correction and details. I found the change w/ back out on 2023-03-22, then the updated change on 2023-04-04.

Yes, it has been awhile.

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Thank you for the info. I’ve ended their memberships but I am still getting emails to events. Do I need to contact the admin for the prior units or can I just wait until the events are over? Hopefully, then, getting no more emails/updates?

Also, I didn’t know the exact dates to start/stop memberships. Will that come back to haunt me later?

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