Past registered adult recieving emails with event info

Our unit has an adult leader that was no longer with the pack in 2023 and will also not be on our 2024 roster. She replied to a calander reminder email asking to be removed from the distribution list. Still has a child in the program, in another unit.

When I look at the calander event, she is not a parent or adult leader in the unit and not selected to be invited. Not sure what’s going on here or how to assist her, but I am concerned that there could be others that are getting information on meetings that they shouldn’t be.

@KatieGooding If you would please post the BSA member number, we can take a look.

136616948 is the BSA number

@KatieGooding This should be fixed.

However, I would recommend going to the Pack Roster page in Scoutbook and click on the button:

“Clean Old Connections”.

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@KatieGooding The calendar in Scoutbook does not update the invitee list for events automatically (yet). So - if you had an event created when a member was on your roster but a reminder goes out when they are no longer on your roster, they will receive the reminder email. If you edit the events in the future, it will automatically remove anyone not on the roster for that event.

If you want to update a lot of events, the Feature Assistant extension has that capability.


@KatieGooding - always good to run clean up after recharter on all of the connections and calendar events.

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Thank you everyone! I did clean-up connections after our last recharter, and again today. After the 1st I’ll do it again.

Great tips on how it works so I can prevent problems next time. I didn’t want to tell this person to just unsubscribe to all emails in fear that it would take out emails from the unit her child is currently registered in and she is linked to!

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That is exactly what would happen if she unsubscribes. Scoutbook e-mail opt-out is all or nothing, not unit by unit.

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