Invitees disappeared

Every single pack event I entered for the next year suddenly had only the AOL den showing as invitees, rather than the entire pack. I have gone through, one by one, and fixed this.

Also, I use the feature assistant and the #1 most helpful feature was the ability to batch edit events. That functionality has now disappeared, but I could have fixed this entire issue in one simple step (selecting all the pack events and adding all the Scouts) if it was there. The other particularly useful function that has been gone for a while now, was that the calendar would return to the month I was working on, rather than the current month, when closing out of a calendar item. Not being able to easily add attendees to all pack functions means that registration season will be incredibly difficult as I will have to go through every single calendar item one by one every time a new Scout joins up. Please add in this simple and useful feature!

I don’t know why your events might have lost invitees. Hopefully someone else can help diagnose that.

I still see Add Invitees as a button under the calendar when running the Feature Assistant Extension. You have to visit your My Dashboard before going to the calendar, since that’s what the extension relies on to tell it what your positions are (i.e. if you should have access to a particular feature like Add Invitees).

Charley is correct - if you don’t see Add Invitees, go to the Dashboard then back to the calendar page.

The return date to current month feature was an extension feature but was broken by an update to Scoutbook more than a year ago. There is no way for the extension to do this any more.

Thanks! “Add Invitees” is my absolute favorite thing in Scoutbook, so it was awful to think it was gone.

@ErinBrown - that is a feature assistant thing
Please make sure it is running and up to date

Did you recently move all scouts up to new dens? What process did you use?

I did advance the dens. That would make sense that it is what did it, since the Webelos did not need to be advanced and were the only ones that did not disappear. It hasn’t happened in previous years.

Did you use edit den > advance den? Or some other method?

Oooh. Is the question also was it done in Scoutbook or IA? Isn’t there a new’ish IA implementation?

Good point. I keep forgetting about that.

I used edit den/advance den.

Just ran into the exact same issue with my pack. The Webelos Den was not impacted since they’re not advanced, But every other was removed from pack events that were already invited to. I use the advanced Den feature in Scoutbook directly by Den.

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