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Another user was inquiring about this but the post got closed.
We have events where we want to invite a selection of people, not based on the default groups.

I do not see an option in Scoutbook to do so.

2 examples:

  • For Den meeting, we only want to invite the den leaders + key 3 + tech team, not the whole leadership team
  • For popcorn season, we only want the families that will actually sell popcorn, not the whole unit

Even if I select others, I can select people one by one but when I save, everyone is invited

@NicolasRietsch - so the event will populate with “default” humans but you can de-select them and pick and choose those you want. You may want to select other as the event type which will provide so wiggle room. Beyond that if I recall correctly the feature assistant can provide more options.

The posts will get closed automatically at 7 days. They are not like tickets that say open until resolved.

Indeed, that’s what it said.

Hence a change request to create custom DLs

Selecting the ‘other’ meeting type allows to select the users (manually each time) and it says it’s saved.
Except that when going back into the event, everyone is reselected.

@NicolasRietsch - what… ??? I do not follow…

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