Is anyone using the Den Leader Experience?

I needed some inspiration on what to do for my den, so I went to the Den Leader Experience site. It walked me through 6 pages of selecting default dates/times/locations, and then populated my calendar with a bunch of useless events in my calendar.

Is that the intentional experience? Instead of planning my meeting, now I’m spending an hour trying to clean up these entries in my calendar that nobody has access to purge.

Does anyone ever test this site, or do any users ever use it?

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Unfortunately it is working just how the Cub Program wants it to. That being said, it does have good resources in it like a free den leaders guide. If you do not want to put in the time to plan what is best for your den it does do it for you. It does tell families what they missed and what they need to make up. I know many DLs that used it first year and never after that

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If you want to hide all the events and stop reminders go to the regular scoutbook calendar and click hide DLE events.

That IS an awesome part. Maybe the song book is in there too, at least someone said that recently.

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