Is Scoutbook down? Log-in Help!

Hi, I’ve just finished setting up our pack in Scoutbook. I was almost done!
When I returned to Scoutbook after lunch, I can no longer log in. Is it the server, or just me?!?
get this message:

You are not setup yet for the BSA Single-Sign-On (SSO) so your use of Scoutbook is limited. All users who have not setup SSO by Feb 1st, 2019 will no longer be able to use Scoutbook. Setup is easy. Just go to your Scoutbook My Account page and click on the link Setup SSO .

PS - I can’t get to this mystical My Account page without logging in first?

Are you logging in with your credentials (username/password), or your email? I’m only used to seeing that particular error message when a registered leader tries to log in with just their email.

@MeredithPelham - I am currently logged into scoutbook so that is not the issue. You may want to post your BSA id.

Your account is setup for SSO. Make sure you are logging in with your user ID and password. Your ID is your firstname followed by your lastname.

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Well, it’s working now, using the same my.scouting credentials I tried before. Who knows?!?
Thanks for the kind and quick responses.

Well no bug then… perhaps session issue

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