SSO Login error

You are not setup yet for the BSA Single-Sign-On (SSO) so your use of Scoutbook is limited. All users who have not setup SSO by Feb 1st, 2019 will no longer be able to use Scoutbook. Setup is easy. Just go to your Scoutbook My Account page and click on the link Setup SSO.
Setup SSO
In order to continue using Scoutbook you must setup a my.Scouting account. Please review the options below.

This just popped up today. I use google to log in and my scouting won’t let me go to a username and password.


Are you using the Google Login button on Scoutbook?

Yes. So the SSO error is gone now. I just can’t download reports.

@RonMorrissette - are you a registered adult leader ?

You are registered as a committee member and currently only connected to one Scout, your son. I see you have a pending position in Scoutbook as Advancement Chair. Ask your Cubmaster, committee chair or another person with Pack Admin privaleges in Scoutbook to click on your name on the Scoutbook Roster and accept your position as Advancement Chair. They should also log into my.scouting and assign Advancement Chair as a functional role for you in Position Manger. More help is here: Position Manager (myScouting) - Scoutbook Knowledge Base

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