Is there a way to export adult permissions?

We are a very large unit and are trying to clean up our scoutbook permissions. We have 105 leaders with Full or Edit permissions, which is why we are undertaking this cleanup since that is way too many people with those permissions. Is there a way to run a report or do an export of adults and their permissions?

no cause the permissions (connections) are individual for each scout - to start with you could go to Roster > Connections Manager click the adult name and change all connections at once for that Scouter. Also run Clean old connections while there


If you install the Feature Assistant Extension, it has a “permissions by position” tool that can be used in the Connections Manager to set permissions in bulk.

Keep in mind that parents/guardians retain irrevocable Full Control permissions to their scouts, Subunit Admins retain Full Control permissions to all of the scouts in that subunit, and Unit Admins, Key 3 and Key 3 Delegates all retain Full Control to all scouts in the unit.

ETA: Oops. I answered the wrong question. Hopefully it will be helpful for updating the permissions once you sort out what they are.

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