Unable to change Permissions associated with Connections to my scout

I am attempting to adjust the permissions assigned to those with connections to my scout so that they reflect their proper roles. I was able to update some but others do not retain the changes which I attempt when I make the adjustments via the available sliders options and select update … I logged out and back in and no change …

Are the people whose changes are not “sticking” registered leaders with the BSA (i.e. appearing on the official roster at my.scouting.org)? The BSA restricted all permissions above View Advancement/View Profile to registered leaders, except for Full Control between a scout and their parent/guardian.

ETA: Parent/guardian connections have mandatory Full Control permissions. Realized that wasn’t clear in my post after I read @jacobfetzer’s response below.

Are you generally trying to increase or decrease permissions. Unit admins must always have full control. Non-registered adults cannot have more than view profile and view advancement.

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ok; I was attempting to reduce the permissions (I was just going to leave full control for parents (apparently as required) and the scoutmaster and assistant scoutmaster); but it seems then per the response here that these individuals which cannot be downgraded are troop admins as determined by the icon of keys next to their names on the troop roster page; it would b more user-friendly to have the referenced icon persist to the permissions page and w a note which states the special circumstance designated thereby and avoid giving the impression that the aforementioned permissions can be adjusted …

If your unit doesn’t want them to have full control, you could end the Unit Admin role, but that would impact what they can do, potentially. Some types of reports and tasks require Full Control.

The Unit Key 3 and any Key 3 Delegates always have Full Control as well.

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