Connections and Access Rights

We have several adults that are no longer registered. Instead of waiting for the system to expire them (not sure when that will happen), I have made sure their positions have expired. Some still have edit rights, which we for the most part we have removed. Some still have these rights, it will not let us remove, and the connections say they are a unit leader (or whatever). One, we accidentally marked as a parent, which will not let us remove either. Help is appreciated.

Unit admins can not have their Full Control rights removed. You must remove the position first, then the access privileges. I find it easiest to first temporarily add a Unit Scouter Reserve position, if the person would not otherwise remain accessible in the Connections Manager. That way, I don’t “lose” the adult and have to fish around chasing individual connections.

For mistaken parents, you have to contact to have those connections severed. Provide them with the scout’s and erroneous parent’s information, and explain how the mistake was made. It may take some time to get it resolved, depending on how busy support is


Thank you, that worked, I do not think it should be that painful and the full rights remain. At least it is taken care of.

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