Is there an actual app?

I keep seeing references to Scourbook Mobile and Scoutbook App but cannot find it in the Apple App Store. Please advise

It is called Scouting. It is only for scouts and their parents, not leaders. So, you’ll only be able to see your own child(ten).

That is not what is stated or implied in the communications like here:

There is a picture and description of someone managing everything from the Scoutbook app on their phone.

yes - it is in the phones browser

They still need to remove “Upload Photos” from the main screen. It implies that SB has the ability to take and share photos in a much broader fashion than it really does.

Thanks, I couldn’t decide between the “scouting” app and the “myscouting” app ( both are official BSA apps )


@BenjaminSlade - the myscouting app is an access point for and the scouting app is a an app for scouts who have access and their respective parents to Scoutbook itself.

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