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Issue Running Cub Scout History Report (2)

I am running into the exact same issue as here: Issue Running Cub Scout History Report

I’m trying to pull advancement information for a scout who transferred to another pack. When I run the Cub Scout History Report, I get the following error message:

“Please log onto your account and try again, or report this to the forums (91).”

I’ve logged out, closed the browser (Chrome and Firefox on Windows 10), and logged back in. So, now I’m reporting it to the forums.

The exact path I follow is going to My Dashboard > Reports Menu > Cub Scout History Report > [BSA ID (not posting the BSA ID publicly on the forum)]

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I’m not sure if you can pull a history report for a scout that’s no longer affiliated with your unit. I don’t even see the option to request a report based on BSA ID. I only get a list of the scouts in my unit.

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@Evan Are you a Pack Admin or Key 3 (Cubmaster, Committee Chair, or Chartered Org. Rep.)?

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Yes I am the committee chair.

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@Evan I will Direct Message you to try to help = look in top right corner of screen at avatar for message

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is this in 2 different councils?

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How long ago did they transfer?

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Thanks everyone. Here’s what I know. They moved in 2018 and ended up with a new Pack. I don’t think we ever filed any transfer paperwork, so they probably have a new BSA ID now. Their new Pack is in the same council I believe.

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I would hazard a guess that the easiest thing to do would be for the new pack to “transfer in” the old account (i.e. the one with the old BSA ID), then ask scoutbook.support@scouting.org (and probably the council registrar) for the two records to be merged. Then, they should be able to pull all of the advancement data into the “new” record (or obsolete the new BSA ID, depending on what the registrar wants to do).

By “transfer in”, I mean use the “Transfer in Scout” tool at My Dashboard → My Units → Unit Roster → scroll to the bottom.

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this is a scout that got a new BSA# so Member Update auto changed the BSA# when it found the Scout. So the old BSA# is void.

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OK, now I’m even more confused about how the process than I was before, @DonovanMcNeil, and that’s a pretty impressive achievement. ;^)

I’m starting to think that the unit leaders/admins need a primer on how Scoutbook is interacting with the BSA person database so we have some idea what we’re supposed to be doing. What I mean is, if a scout already exists with an otherwise valid BSA ID, why would Member Update replace the BSA ID instead of kicking the record back and saying “This scout already has a BSA ID. Are you sure you want to assign a new one?” and requiring human approval before making the change? That seems almost calculated to make the problems with record incoherence (i.e. conflicting BSA IDs, duplicate accounts for the same scout, etc) worse rather than better.

@CharleyHamilton Since BSA Member numbers don’t cross council boundaries, the best way to get an inter-council transfer’s records associated with them in Scoutbook is to use the existing account (rather than creating a duplicate) and change the BSA member number. That is all that is occurring in this example.

Thanks everyone. Donovan was able to identify the new BSA ID, but when I report on that ID, I get No Scouts Available. It makes sense why now, since that BSA ID likely belongs to the new council. I have communicated with the new Pack to let them know we don’t have access to the records, but they should have access.

Ah. I missed that it was inter-council. I had somehow gotten the idea in my head it was intra-council, and was wondering why a new BSA ID was being assigned. It sure feels more like a Monday in my brain than Friday… :laughing:

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