Trying to find a Scout’s Cub Scouting record

I have a Troop Scout who started as a Cub Scout, but was given a new BSA id when he crossed over with a different troop. Is there any way of finding his old account and merging them? He’s 16 years old now, so it’s been a while. Was hoping to be able to give him credit for the missing activities for his NOAs, but I don’t have access to any of those records. I reached out to my Council, but they say they aren’t able to see anything prior.

His current mid is: 128110213

All his cub ranks are tied to that MID

It’s possible that the prior unit didn’t log anything in Scoutbook/IA with regard to activities. That said, how are you checking the record? From the scout’s page in IA2, or using the reports? If you’re using the reports, make sure the radio button that says to include information from other units in the report is on.

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@MelissaVallet You can try the Cub Scout history report if you are an admin

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I found a 2nd Scoutbook account for this Scout. The DOB doesn’t match but based on approvals and other data it is his account.

There is no activity data on this account either. I agree the pack probably didn’t record activities.

That’s too bad. Thanks for checking on it for me.