Issue uploading troopmaster to Scoutbook

What functional assignments in a troop has the rights to upload from Troopmaster into Scoutbook? I have a troop in my district who is having issues because their advancement chair isn’t able to do it. Their advancement chair is registered as a “Unit Admin”, “Committee Member”, and “Unit Advancement Chair”. Would having all three of those designations complicate her ability to upload files? Thanks! -Tucker (Professional Scouter - some experience with Scoutbook, but only on the Cub Scout level as a a Cubmaster).

are they trying to upload to internet advancement? - then she needs the functional role of Unit advancement Chair in organization security manager - is the easiest answer

The positions you mentioned are Scoutbook things. Those aren’t what matter. It’s the registered and functional positions from that matter. Key 3 registered positions and Delegated positions of Key 3 delegates or Advancement chair can all do the uploads for Internet Advancement. The Settings page in Internet Advancement describes this pretty comprehensively.

There was a recent change to maintain/repopulate delegated positions when the unit recharters. They used to clear out when the new charter posted. If the new charter isn’t posted, you basically can’t alter the functional positions because they are constrained to the unit’s lifetime which is over.

When I had my unit set me up in these positions recently, there’s some confusing usability or glitches where it doesn’t look like the assignment takes effect, but if you wait 24 hours for the overnight syncing, it should show up.

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