Issue with account - emails

My scouts were active, dropped out for a while, and are now active again. I am having issues getting scout book back to full function for my account (registered leader) and with receiving emails from the troop. I cannot change my email.
My userid is 12057752 and BSA numbers are 13979509, 126245560, and 122669664.

@MarshallScantlin 9509 is your current registration?

That is my current number in NC.

MID 137514233 also - I added it to your manage Member ID

@MarshallScantlin that is all cleaned up

Mahalo (thank you)! One more question… I do not see a delete button for my kids older scout book accounts. How do I delete the old accounts that are empty (the current scoutmaster has transferred all of the advancement from the handbook)?

what is MID 137514233?

You won’t be able to delete the extra account, but we can merge them if you provide the bsa member numbers.

Please merge BSA ID 13979508, userid 12088132 and BSA ID 136168162, userid 9859432.

BSA ID 13979508, userid 12088132 is the primary.

thank you

@MarshallScantlin this is done

SB User ID 6037358 is a youth account that does not have an email address, but the parents want him to receive emails.

@SarahNorman the parents need to go to scout page > edit profile > at bottom there is an invite link. Also it looks like scout has logged in before with their my.scouting credentials > the scout can add email them self under profile > Email

I have advised the parents to try this. My understanding was that they had tried to add the email address previously and it was greyed out.

parents cannot add email - the scout can signing in with the SCOUTS my.scouting credentials

Yes, the Scout had tried and wasn’t able to add it. But I will wait to hear back from them to see if that is indeed the case. Thanks

Can you do the same for BSA ID 136168168, userid 9858295 and BSA ID 137514232, userid 12213469?

BSA ID 137514232, userid 12213469 is the primary.

@MarshallScantlin that is done

Thank you for your help today!

I can not receive emails for my scout from SPL or ‘other scouts not in a Patrol.’ I can however only receive emails from Scoutmaster but no one else. My scout does not have his own email.

My user ID is 2620787
My scout user ID 2620781

Can you please assist?

You must be connected to the Scouts sending the e-mail with at least View Profile. A unit Key 3 member (Scoutmaster, Committee Chair or Charter Org Rep) can check this for you.

Your Scout does have an e-mail address in Scoutbook, it is the first letter of his middle name, the letter v and your last name at gmail.

If the Scouts select his name when sending a message, you will get a copy.

Are you sure the Scouts are using Scoutbook to send messages and not some other system?