Not receiving emails

I am not receiving emails from scout book. I am unable to correct the email address from

It sounds like you have multiple Scoutbook accounts. If you are a parent or Scouter, can you post either your BSA ID or your Scoutbook user ID? Both are available from your Scoutbook account under My Dashboard → Administration → Edit Profile. That should be enough information for the SUAC folks to start trying to determine how to resolve the issue.

Thank you! Here is that information:

BSA number 13779811
User ID 11783556

I am having the same issue, if someone can help me out? My BSA number is 13788479. Thanks! Bonnie

@LisaSonenshine Your Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

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@BonnieMarsh1 Your Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

I’m also having the same issue where I cannot change my email address from the generic changeyouremail. Can you help?

BSA # 137305345
UserID # 11680663


@SusanDuenas OK I cleaned it up - some old positions might be in SB for you - if not needed just put an end date to them

@DonovanMcNeil While you are at it, can you check on these two with the same issue in our pack?

BSA# 13585107
User ID# 11394293

BSA# 13021278
User ID# 9806997


Hello! I recently accidentally unsubscribed from the emails. Are you able to re-subscribe me?

@DanCurley both are fixed - the first one is not a registered leader that I could find

@AmandaOBrien go to My Dashboard > My Account > Email > make sure toggle at top of page is to the left - not showing red

Thank you for your help!

Hi- I have a Tiger parent partner that has a email address in the my.scouting roster, has logged into her scoutbook account to connect to her scout and can make updates for her scout’s profile.

She has no email address listed in her scoutbook profile (based on admin view) and doesn’t get email messages/invites/reminders from scoutbook so is missing events/invites.

She goes into her scoutbook account profile and says she doesn’t see anything missing and as an admin I don’t see a field in her scoutbook profile to add an email address or way to get her into our “parents” list despite her connection to her scout. Any suggestions? (BSA member ID: 13916767 DELETED)

@RachaelSwiat this is fixed

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@DonovanMcNeil Thank you for your continued awesomeness and fast support!