Parent No email

I have a scout/parent who just joined our pack. Unfortunately, the parent’s scoutbook account doesn’t appear to have any email address associated with it. When I go in and attempt to edit his account profile, there is no email address field after the phone numbers. It does appear he has accepted the scoutbook invite or has previously logged into scoutbook.

I see his email was included on the online registration, so I’m not sure why it didn’t carry over into Scoutbook.

The BSA member number is 132141913. The scoutbook userid number is 11265418.


This adult has 2 BSA Member IDs. The one you provided and 12779509.

I have merged his Scoutbook accounts. He needs to log in with his ID which is his first initial, last name and the number 13. If he registers in the future, he should use BSA Member ID 12779509.

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