Issue with Outdoor Activity Award

There is some kind of issue with the Webelos Outdoor Activity Award. I was marking completions in SB for my pack including my son and noticed that he is showing that he has earned his Webelos Outdoor Activity Award in my needs approval/ awarding/purchasing reports even though he or no one else in my pack has done Webelos Walkabout. I did mark Duty to God and Stronger Faster Higher as completed today for him so not sure if that is where the disconnect/coding issue lies but I would start looking there.

@RachelVirden - well you marked it complete, so i wouls suggest that you click on that complete line and remove the date and any check marks and update/save.

I did not mark this as complete and that is not the solution.

There is also no way to remove the completion since it is not showing as complete from the pack admin side of scoutbook in the outdoor activity award screenshot I submitted. There is also nothing marked as complete on webelos walkabout from the admin side of scoutbook. The only places it is marked as complete is the parent side of scoutbook and also the needs approval/purchasing/awarding reports.

Since I am admin for the pack I never mark anything as complete for my own child from the parent side. I only mark completions from the pack admin side of the program.

What happens if you click that top line that says completed November 28, 2023? Can you delete the date and save it?

I deleted the date and that removed it as completed on the admin side including in the needs approving/purchasing/awarding reports but it is still showing as complete from the parent side.

@RachelVirden - i would suggest on the scouting app to clear the app cache. As the app is supposed to get data from the scoutbook database. Do realize thaf parents also use and not always the scouting app. Scoutbook predates the scouting app.

I understand what you are saying but in this case I am the parent and the pack admin for this specific child with the issue. I only mark approvals through the pack admin side of the program for my child.

We handed out awards last night and I had another webelos asking why he didn’t receive the award after some of the tigers received theirs last night. I went into the parent app to show him and his mom that he and my son had not completed all the requirements yet. This is where I discovered the issue with the mismatch of the info on the award. Luckily his mom is also a leader so she completely understood we had not done webelos walkabout yet and this was a glitch/error in scoutbook.

The other possible mismatch in the coding could maybe have something to do with similar names / connected family members? My daughter is a tiger who did earn hers last night. Just thinking through possible causes for the glitch as I am not seeing this on anyone but my son right now in my pack.

I had several scouts who did earn stronger faster higher yesterday and are partially completed with outdoor activity who are not showing this issue. So I would suspect duty to God completion is a likely culprit for the glitch since my son is the only webelos who had that marked as completed yesterday.

@RachelVirden - so other xcouts who have completed the same requirements for that award are NOT showing as completed? Only your son had the issue. The one way to test fhis theiry you have is to mark a scout complete for Dtg and see if it completed the outdoor award. I suspect it will not.

I just rechecked this and I am now seeing the award remarked as completed on the admin side and it’s back in my needs approval/purchasing/awarding reports.

@RachelVirden - clear that complete date in and save then on your phone clear the app data and cache in the system application list for the scouting app without opening the app.

This is what I am seeing in the audit log for this issue.

@RachelVirden - well again it is you marking it completed. I suggest again that on your phone go to settings > Apps > scouting > storage > clear data and cache. The go to and clear that completed date and save. Then relaunch the scouting app and see if it is at 86% or not completed there and do not touch it. I suspect that the app is forcing the complete.

@RachelVirden - I just tested your scenario with one of my scouts with DtG and stronger webelos pins marked completed along with all of the other requirements for the award completed and the award is at 89%…

I did exactly as you suggested.

Cleared storage/cache on my phone.
Deleted date of completion for the 100% on my computer in SB.
Opened the app and navigated to the award. On the award screen it shows it as in progress. However when I open the award it refreshes and shows the award as 100% complete. When I then refresh SB on my computer it is also now showing as 100% complete again.

On my parent app it shows the webelos walkabout is pending approval. On the computer in SB it shows it as not complete. In the needs approval/purchasing/awarding it shows I need to approve the award and not the webelos walkabout.

@RachelVirden - i did say not to open it on the app.

When I look at Webelos Walkabout in the parent app it shows nothing is even started much less completed / pending approval.

I could be wrong but I’m fairly certain that required adventure for this award is linked to that adventure. It’s not something a parent or Even admin can manually mark off as complete separate from the whole adventure.

If I navigate to the award screen in SB and try to mark webelos walkabout as complete it takes me to the whole webelos walkabout adventure screen.

It actually sounds like it’s not a Scoutbook bug, but potentially a bug with the app? If it was showing partially-completed after clearing the app cache, but “auto-completed” when the award was opened, that sounds like a bug of some sort happening.

@CharleyHamilton - that was my thought as well. The issue could be related to being a unit leader/admin and accessing the app with those elevated rights. The app being strictly for parents and scout I would not recommend it for use by those who are registered leaders/admins