Issue with the positions manager

I’m the COR for a Pack and two Troops.

When I go in the position manager for the pack and try to assign the Unit Trainer, it triggers an error for the Executive Officer and the Unit Scouter Reserve section:
The following members are under the age of 21 and do not meet the age requirement for this position:

One such leader is in his 70’s I would say and the other one in her late 30’s.

This error is preventing me from assigning the Trainer and thus, she does not have access to her reports.

How can we fix that?


You’ve got a least one person with a missing date of birth. Initials are T.P.

If you contact your local council, they can add the DOB with their Registrar Tools.

Thank you.

What about the Executive Officer?

Also missing DOB.

The code might be looking for it, although I don’t think it’s supposed to be required for the Executive Officer.

Thanks. Funny enough, TP’s DOB is in the Internet Advancement Database.
The Executive Officer’s DOB is missing and the code is definitively looking for it

I contacted the district registrar. Thank you

The EO might not be allowed to be another position as they do not have to have YPT at EO

This is 100% true. @NicolasRietsch were you trying to assign the EO to a new role or just others? I have had it with the CBC, if everyone in the unit wasn’t “right” data wise, it wouldn’t let me move someone who was “right”.

Respectfully, I’m trying to assign a leader as the training chair, not the EO. but the EO’s assumed age prevents me from assigning the training chair

Yes. That is what I meant by others. When I tried to do a similar thing, it seems as though the system does a “data integrity check” on all people and all have to be “right” to do anything.

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