Issues in Using Internet Rechartering 2.0 for Exploring Units

I’m looking to collect problems and successes in using Internet Rechartering 2.0 to renew the unit registrations for Exploring Posts and Clubs

First issue. The published instructions do not address Exploring specific issues. Examples:

  1. The use of the CBC Exemption form (28-573) for employees of governmental agencies if criminal background checks have previously been made as a condition of employment.
  2. Internet Rechartering 2.0 will not permit and Exploring Club to renew with just the Executive Officer, Club Sponsor, and Associate Sponsor, even though these are the only required positions. The workaround used in UCRS of multipling adults within the same Club is in use again in Internet Rechartering 2.0.

Comment on number 2 above. I do not yet know what the positions to be multipled into should be as I do not have direct access into the software and the sandbox does not have an Exploring Club example.

Jeff Schweiger, BSA ID 5061367

Has anyone successfully used Internet Rechartering 2.0 to renew an Exploring Unit? So far, National Capital Area Council has had four Exploring Posts start the process, two of which do not have complete rosters in the system and the other two have not given me feedback. No other Exploring units show yet as having started. One Exploring Club that has tried to start has not been able to login.

Jeff Schweiger BSA ID 5061367

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Specific issues experienced:
Exploring Posts A and B can access Internet Rechartering 2.0 through Internet Advancement but the only the adults are listed on the roster. The Roster function in my.scouting shows the full adult and youth roster.
Exploring Club C - none of the registered adult leaders can access the club through Internet Advancement/Internet Rechartering 2.0.

We submitted Jira tickets on both these issues. One of the Jira responses is as follows:

“The Chartered Organization has duplicate addresses and the AA has duplicate addresses and phone numbers. These could stop the roster from loading properly into IADV. The ‘Due to an encountered error, please be sure to cancel any remaining pending files and re-upload them for processing.’ error is one that everyone gets and can be ignored.”

Unfortunately, we have yet to be able to resolve these issues. Again, note that the roster information is completely available in my.scouting, just not in Internet Advancement/Internet Rechartering 2.0

Jeff Schweiger, BSA ID 5061367.

I am not sure if posts are supported yet - I am checking with DEV on that - will get back

Donovan, thank you. We were told that both Exploring Posts and Clubs were to be supported upon the release October 15. We know there is an issue with Exploring Clubs but a workaround was to be in place.

In the roll out videos and documentation it said “yes, both posts and clubs”.

Thanks. I had seen some of that as well, but it is not in the instructions presentation presently available for download. Additionally, specifics were not mentioned, and the adult leader workaround for Clubs is not described. Donna Arnold confirmed in a meeting a couple of weeks ago (the Exploring Live Hour for September) that this workaround (initially placed in UCRS) is still present in Internet Rechartering 2.0/

Update, NCAC now has 4 Exploring units (2 Clubs and 2 Posts) that cannot access Internet Rechartering at all. The units don’t show up when the Key 3 equivalent leader logs into Internet Advancement.

I have a question about being registered in multiple units.
I am CC in my Troop and a committee member in my Pack

While doing the recharter for the Troop I marked myself as a multiple but it removed the fee and Scout Life Magazine

I do not want the Pack to pay for my registration Fee. How do I fix this?

TIA, Connie

@DonovanMcNeil Is there an update about what DEV said about Exploring post support? Sam Houston Area Council has at least one post that shows only 2 youth in recharter while multiple screens are displayed in Internet Advancement.

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Explorer Post in BAC-- same issues. I only see adults and one youth (who is a scout registered primary with another unit). None of my youth Explorers show up. I cannot import the roster. How are we supposed to recharter?

Gina, we (NCAC) are trying to address this with the National IT folks (we have gotten their attention). In the meantime, we are preparing to do offline, manual, paper renewals. There is a procedure available to do this, You can contact me for more information at and if you would let me know the unit number of the Post you are referring to and I’ll add it to the list that I’m sending to National.

Jeff Schweiger
Assistant Council Commissioner (Exploring, STEM, Communications and Resources)
Council Service Team Chair
National Capital Area Council
Vice Chair, Marketing and Recruitment
National Learning for Life Executive Board

Connie, I was hoping someone else would respond to you, since this isn’t an Exploring question. However, I believe that you do not mark yourself as a multiple on the unit that you wish to pay from and you mark yourself as a multiple on the unit you do not wish to pay from. Your commissioner should be able to get you additional support.


If you would send me the specifics on your issue (please include unit type (I assume Post as I’ve had no indication that any Club can even start the process) and number , I’ll add it to the list of issues I’m sending to the National IT folks.

Jeff Schweiger
Assistant Council Commissioner (Exploring, STEM, Communications and Resources)
Council Service Team Chair
National Capital Area Council
Vice Chair, Marketing and Recruitment
National Learning for Life Executive Board

Thank you Jeff, I apologize if I posted in the wrong spot. I reached out and hopefully will here back soon.

Thank you, Connie

I had no problem with where you posted, but it delayed a response to your issue; I answered as best as I could. I’m glad you’ve reached out for help and hope you get it resolved soon.

Jeff Schweiger

You should have an email from me with details.

Hi Jeff,
Thanks for the update. We are Cybersecurity Explorer Post 1942 in Ellicott City, MD.

Does anyone know if the problem with posts has been fixed? We’d prefer not to have to keep going back to the leaders of our posts and asking them to try again and see if they see all of their youth yet. That really undermines their confidence in us and in BSA.

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