Issues with Attachments

Hi, this feature used to work but stopped working several weeks ago for me. Am I doing it wrong or are others also having issues?


What tool are you having the issue with and what happens? We need more details in order to help you.

I am betting they are referring to the same issue I just encountered this morning since scouts in our troop were complaining they could no longer attach pictures to comments within merit badges.

I assume it is the same issue mentioned in this thread.

The fact it has taken so long to fix such an important issue is a major problem.

Yes! That’s the issue… I’m just trying to attach a .jpg via the internet browser. I’ve also tried on my phone and laptop but after I upload the attachment and click on it to view it, it just shows an X.


This is a known issue. It is in the backlog but we do not know when it will be scheduled for development work as there are higher priority issues that need developer attention.

Thanks! Sorry, I had searched for it, but didn’t see it until I saw James’ response.

I’m having this issue, too. This is pretty major for us as we take photos to document many requirements being completed and attach those to the requirements in Scoutbook so that merit badge counselor can see these were done and so that there are no questions when Scout goes to get Eagle or if Scout transfers between Troops.


As I said, this is a known issue that is in the backlog behind higher priority items. We do knot know when it will be scheduled for development. When a fix is released it will be announced I. The change log forum.

I hope this isn’t being required (unless the requirement says to document or take a picture) and is for the convenience of the scout. To require it as a paper trail is adding requirements.


Do you think it’s just an issue with viewing the newly uploaded attachments or the actual uploading? If it’s just with viewing, then we can continue to upload in the meantime and just view them later.


We do not know what the issue is as the developers have not yet looked into it.

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