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Issues with login in to red Scouting app

I am attempting to login in to the red Scouting App and cannot do so. When I input my My.Scouting login and password, am getting a “get profile failed” message. Logins work correctly on the My.Scouting.org web site and the blue myScouting app but not here.

My son is have the same issues.

Are you able to log into scoutbook.com? If you do, do you see your scout’s name under my dashboard > administration?

My son can log on to Scoutbook.com website with his credentials with no issue. This issue is on the mobile app. It won’t take the same credentials and allow him to log on with the mobile app. When he tries to put in his username and password that he uses on the website, he gets the “get profile failed” message, cannot go further.

I’m having the same issue…

Are you and your son getting the same error message in the app?

Hi. Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, both my son and I are having the same issue trying to log in to the mobile app. Again, getting in through the website there is no issue.

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