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Hello. I am having major problems with scoutbook today. Prior to our first recruitment event I had admin privileges but for some reason I do not now. I was going to add the new children to their dens but it says I am not authorized essentially. Also, my webelo den is no longer there and the kids are no longer on the page. Please advise.

Sounds like you have a second account or 2 BSA Numbers - did you recently fill out an adult application?

No sir. I don’t remember if I used my.scouting login info though. Could that be a problem?

you might have an email login that sees you units and the my.scouting one that sees nothing - if you can login with an email go to my account and use Switch SSO - that should fix it

Is there anyway the account can just be deleted and I start over? This website is not user friendly at all.

When I go to sso it asks for my sign on and password. It says it is incorrect. I just signed in using that very combination.

No, accounts cannot be deleted.

You should be logging in to Scoutbook using your ID and password. From the description of your problem it sounds like you have multiple Scoutbook accounts. Send an e-mail to with your name, BSA member #, ID, unit number and council. Ask them to search for and consolidate any multiple accounts they find.

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